refactor - 해당되는 글 2건
Visual Studio에 바랬던 기능.
1. 편집 기능은 VIM
2. 문법 강조 기능
3. compile 에러 발생시 라인에 빨간줄 표시기능.
4. .h/.cpp 사이 전환 기능
5. refactoring 기능

등을 바라고 이런 저런 솔루션을 찾고 있었습니다.
결론은 viemu + visual assist x 의 조합으로 해결.
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Visual Studio 의 유용한 플러그인인 ViEmu와 Refactor를 함께 사용하다보면 이상한 버그에 직면하게 됩니다. esc 키를 눌러도 vi insert 모드에서 visual 모드로 전환하지 못하게 되죠. 문제 해결을 위해서 googling을 해보았더니 해결책이 금방 나오네요. 나쁜놈은 역시 refactor 입니다. 이놈이 esc 단축키를 잡아먹고 있어서 모든 문제가 발생했네요.

원문 링크 (

Ok, I got this to work. I didn't have to do anything to ViEmu, just follow the following steps:

  1) Download DevExpress's 'DXCore' from this address:
 … ls/DXCore/

  2) Install it. It will prompt you what to do, say 'Repair' (since you have a version of DXCore installed from your Refactor for C++ install)
  3) Follow the installer instructions (nothing weird here)
  4) Start up VS2005, you will now have a menu called 'DevExpress' (at last!)
  5) Go to DevExpress->Options->IDE->Shortcuts
  6) Go through all entries, be sure to open all folders (some are closed by default), and remove all shortcuts that include Esc (ie, 'Esc', 'Shift+Esc', etc...)
  7) Click Ok
  8) Now Esc should work properly with ViEmu!

Pretty ugly of the DevExpress guys that they'd remove the shortcut configuration dialog from Refactor for C++. Anyway, since you can download the standard DXCore (it's free), you can use the configuration dialog there.

Possibly, if you just check the checkbox 'After executing this command pass shortcut on to IDE for default handling' on all of the entries above, it will also fix the problem, but I haven't tried. If not, you'd need to find reasonable alternatives to the regular Esc assignments.


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